Rural Action is Recruiting Farmers for Nutrient Reduction Projects

Feb. 22, 2022
Rural Action

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Rural Action’s H2Ohio Project

Rural Action has received funding from the ODNR H2Ohio Program to implement projects within Hancock, Putnam, Paulding, Auglaize, Allen, Hardin, and Wyandot counties to improve water quality. Specifically, our project will focus on activities, such as wetlands, in the Auglaize and Blanchard River watersheds, where data indicate that phosphorus loading levels are the highest and installing wetlands could result in the most environmental and economic benefits for the region. We are looking to work with landowners interested in restoring wetlands or implementing other water quality best management practices.

What are we looking for?

  • Within the Auglaize or Blanchard River watersheds
  • Parcels or several parcels combined that total 50 acres or more
  • Presence of poorly drained soils
  • Fields managed with subsurface tile drainage
  • Presence of streams and/or ditches
  • Few or no utilities or buildings on the property
  • Contains marginal agricultural land and/or low-producing areas

What does your involvement look like?

Landowners interested in retaining ownership and future use of the project area will enter a conservation easement and receive payment based on the appraised value of the project area. If interested in selling the project area, they will be paired with a local land trust or similar entity and compensated based on the appraised value.

Project Timeline and Updates

We anticipate the following timeline for this project:

  • February – December 2022: landowner outreach, site selection, and conceptual design development
  • January 2023 – September 2024: project engineering, permitting, and construction

Benefits to participation

  • Payment for conservation easement or land acquisition
  • Generate income on marginal, low-producing, or flood-prone areas
  • Improved water quality in local waterways
  • Enhanced wildlife habitat, particularly for migratory birds and aquatic plants and animals
  • Project areas can be used for outdoor recreation, wildlife viewing, hunting, fishing, other activities


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