Rachel Cochran, CCA

Rachel Cochran, CCA
Water Quality Extension Associate
503 Fairground Drive, Paulding, OH 45879
Degree Information: 
BS Sustainable Agriculture from the University of Kentucky
In-field nutrient best management practices, Soil Health, and Cover Crops

Rachel covers Defiance, Paulding, and Van Wert county.

she Works on a number of projects including:
  • HABRI manure research

  • Cascading waterways
  • Cover crops and soil health research
  • Planning and outreach for NPS-IS Plans 
  • Cover crop speices fact sheets 
  • Soil health tours 
  • Short ag topic Youtube videos
She collaborates with groups/events such as:
  • Overholt Drainage School
  • Soil Health Nexus
  • Midwest Cover Crops Council.